|Product Feature
AE Sexy strives for players to feel the excited feeling of being in the real world, Specially selected sweet-sexy girls in attractive slim bikini as Dealers.
The filming site also uses the most advanced audio equipment, and be invested a luxurious studio setting, combined with stable streaming technology and an accurate image recognition system, striving for the fair, just, and open.

High-end Devices
Invested huge amounts of money to build Adopt the most advanced proprietary streaming technology, support Web, HTML 5 Smooth high-quality audio and video, with no limited by local network quality "AE Sexy is your best choice"

Croupiers Feature
"Sexy Lounge, Asia, Live, Special"
will take you to experience the passion of Southeast Asia, mysterious India or all kinds of love with Special through sexy Dealer girls from different countries in the world in sexy bikinis.

Bikini Beauty
is the first company have all kind of hottest bikini Dealers from different countries ,who are sexy and sways to the music , Interact with you....

Local Games
A wide range of real-life games that are loved by players are available at AE Sexy, in addition to continuously rolling out popular local games, to give users the richest gameplay and instant experience!

Live Streaming
Chat function in the chat room helps you give gifts to the MC, directly place bets and beautiful MC to interact with you so that you can feel their enthusiasm even if you are far away,
Multi-language&currency Support
The game has multiple language versions: Simplified Chinese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean No more worrying because of language differences . Offers multiple currencies and supports no-fee transfers Just connect to be able to bet Only AE Sexy is the most comprehensive and complete support
Diversified product front-end support
Support PC / H5 web / H5 web embedded APP, support during APP loading process add H5 resources, greatly improve reading efficiency (effectively solve the problem of network delay, hijacking, etc.) , can unilaterally enter the specified game category. The listing also includes complete risk control monitoring, trial connections, and detailed data querying for each type.